For more rights

Shape your work.

Companies with works councils are usually more innovative, productive, profitable and have higher employee satisfaction. Works council elections will be held throughout Germany in spring 2022.

10% more salary

On average.

Only 5

Employees are needed in the company in order to be able to set up a works council.


Probability that the works council will offer more flexible working hours for parents.


About 15 years after the founding of a works council, productivity in the company has increased by a quarter.

For better salaries.

You deserve it.​​

Do not work below your wage level: According to studies, companies with a works council pay around 10% more salary on average. Wage equality is also improving:
Women and low earners in particular benefit here and can count on a salary increase of almost 20%, whereby their jobs are often even better classified and distributed more fairly.

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Für mehr Chancengleichheit.
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For equal opportunities.

It's only fair.

The duties of a works council also include exercising justice. This includes the women's quota, gender-fair payment and the same opportunities for migrants. Because: Works councils have various rights to information regarding the wages paid in the company and can thus bring about equal treatment of the remuneration components and remuneration conditions. In short: equal, strong and fair opportunities - for you, her, him and it. For all.

For more job security.

Job Safety First.

A works council has various tasks and powers that determine job security. Among other things, he is responsible for health protection in the company and monitors compliance with certain occupational safety regulations. But your own sensitivities also make a difference: According to studies, employees in companies with works councils have fewer worries about their financial situation and are generally less likely to be confronted with a loss of income.

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Mehr Gerechtigkeit.
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For environmental protection & sustainability.

Climate protection - if it's right.

It is important to more and more employees that the company in which they work operates sustainably. Customers are also paying more attention to the extent to which the companies they work with present themselves in terms of environmental protection. A works council can help here. One of his tasks is to influence the environmentally friendly design of operational processes. These include: avoiding environmentally unfriendly products, monitoring sustainability and resource conservation, and designing workplaces in an environmentally and health-friendly manner.

For children & career.

With family-friendly greetings, your works council.

According to the BetrVG, the works council is responsible for promoting the reconciliation of family and career. And binding. These include flexible working hours, better opportunities for part-time work or the establishment of telework places. New agreements are also easier to come by when it comes to childcare: working hours that are based on the opening hours of the daycare center, inter-company joint projects and emergency care financed by the employer are intended to make child and career more compatible.

Convinced? Then find out now whether a works council is possible in your company.