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First things first: you don't need to be afraid. The election of a works council is not only wanted by the state, but also secured in many respects. This applies in particular to the election committee. We will show you how to protect yourself and how to defend yourself if necessary.

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Our job is to make yours better. To this end, we are developing applications that enable employees to better exercise their rights.
With comprehensible templates for the Works Constitution Act.
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legal tech

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Legal Technology enables the automation of legal activities. This increases the efficiency of legal work. We have specialized in this and have created templates with lawyers and professors of labor law that are simple, target-oriented and transparent. Whether deadlines, signatures or necessary documents: We will keep you informed about your next steps - automatically.

One thing is for sure:

An employer who wants to obstruct the election is liable to prosecution. In addition: The members of the election committee enjoy protection against dismissal (pursuant to Section 15 (3) KschG) within the framework of the Works Constitution Act until six months after the election. The initiators of the election are also protected from dismissal until the election.

Works meeting: meeting of all employees

Every employee in the company must have been informed about the meeting beforehand and be able to participate.
Officers are not permitted at this meeting.

Electoral Board: Responsible for the organization

In companies without a works council, the entire election process is typically initiated and carried out by three employees. The electoral board is elected (pursuant to Section 17 (2) sentence 1 BetrVG) at a works meeting.

Election procedure & deadlines

We support you in compiling the voter lists, the differentiation between active and passive voting rights, the initiation of the respective procedures and the necessary deadlines and calculations for the election.

union busting

Nasty tricks.

This technical term describes the systematic suppression and sabotage of trade unions, works councils and staff councils. We want to prevent that from the start. With the right documents, we don’t make anything contestable at all, for example, we will soon enable anonymous networking of the three initiators of the works council. We don't like union busting and do everything we can to strengthen the safety and opportunities of workers

How do we shape the working world of tomorrow?
With numerous co-determination rights pursuant to § 87 BetrVG.

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How do we finance ourselves? For example, the works council has a right to time off from the employer if it seeks necessary legal advice. This means that we are allowed to invoice the employer.

Then find out now whether a works council is possible in your company.

You have been terminated?

We have developed a tool with which you can design the sample of a dismissal protection action yourself.