Our concept

Coming soon:

The first virtual platform for works councils and employees.

Die erste virtuelle Plattform für Betriebsräte und Arbeitnehmer:innen.​

Digital Works Council

We help you to set up a works council and then provide you with a platform for works council members.

Virtual unionization

Our goal is a platform that connects workers within an industry and enables the strengthening of unions.

Employmency law office

At the same time, we are working on a law firm that will enable judicial legal protection for employees and works councils. Free of charge and digital, of course.

Our concept

We are Laboraid. We awaken workers. Nursing staff, for example, or electricians. Perhaps you are a fish farmer or a road builder, whether you brew beer or build harpsichords, you are a doer. Wooden toy maker or watchmaker, whether you're a rider or head doctor: you keep the shop running. You are an employee and always give everything. It's time for you to take something - no more and no less than you are entitled to. Fair wages, equal opportunities, development opportunities, right to have a say, flexible working hours for your family or just for you.
You don't always need to change jobs. Sometimes a little help helps. We are a team of lawyers, lawyers and professors specializing in employment law and have founded Laboraid - a digital platform for employees. To inform and initiate, to exchange and demand, for better understanding. Labor rights can sometimes be quite complicated. But with the help of our templates, you always know exactly what to do to claim your rights.

Get started right away: Awaken your strength and make your workplace a better place - you have every right to do so.


Works Council. Digital.

Works council modernization.

We are working on various topics that should make the application of the Betriebsverfassungsgesetz easier, safer and better. For example, we want to create the possibility for employees of a company to network anonymously in order to initiate the election of a works council. In addition, there are of course protected telephone and video conferences, electronic signatures and a secure P2P interface for sending documents to the employer.

Labor union. virtual.

Founded in 1865 and soon also digital?

We are working on opening our platform across companies soon and enabling communication between employees within an industry. Our goal: to strengthen the unions.

Gewerkschaft. virtuell.
Mithilfe unserer Tools ist die Gründung bald ganz einfach.

Labor rights.org

You have been terminated? File an action for protection against dismissal with us.

We have the vision of a law firm that acts exclusively digitally and simplifies the application of the various legal options from the employee's perspective to the maximum. We try to display various procedures and legal protection options and use algorithms to calculate the respective chances of success. In collective labor law, we focus on providing all the necessary documents for the safe establishment of works councils in all company sizes and operational constellations.

Our team

Profilbild Raphael Kneer

Raphael Kneer

Founder & CEO
Raphael Kneer is a retail salesman and independent lawyer in Berlin with work experience at Kaufland and McDonalds, an HR consultancy, a law firm for insolvency law, the German Foreign Office and the German Bundestag, among others.
Elnaz Camuffo-Mashhadi

Elnaz Camuffo Mashhadi

Elnaz Camuffo-Mashhadi has a degree in business administration and is the founder of an HR consultancy. With its core competence in recruiting & employer branding, it develops customized solutions for both employees and employers.
Professor Dr. Ulrich Tödtmann

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Tödtmann

Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Tödtmann is a partner at Rittershaus Rechtsanwälte in Mannheim and honorary professor at the University of Mannheim. His legal advice focuses on the areas of compliance, employment law and corporate law.

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His startup helps you establish a works council. Establishing a works council is accompanied by many problems. Laboraid wants to ensure legal certainty and passes the costs on to the employer.

Start-up "Laboraid": This Berlin-based lawyer helps set up works councils.

How the Giengen native wants to make working life fairer with his start-up.

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