Work that makes work better.

We want to give workers better rights.

And we are looking for active support.
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An exciting combination:

Individual and collective labor law

Our focus is on law: How can we use the BetrVG, the TVG and the various labor laws to achieve our goals as profitably as possible?


We are LegalEngineers and try to make the law as simple and applicable as possible for employees.

Internships & legal clerkship

We have numerous exciting positions within legal training and offer optional and mandatory internships. Of course you can also spend the legal and electoral station of your legal clerkship with us.


We will not resist if you want to set up a works council. On the contrary: Our goal is to build a company together that enables better rights for employees.

Remote & flexible

It doesn't matter to us whether you work for and with us in Berlin, in the Swabian Alb or from Bali. The main thing is that we strive for the same goals: better rights for employees.

social added value

We are working on improving the conditions for employees and of course we want to start with us.

Laboraid: we awaken workers.



Berlin, Germany // remote

Legal clerkship: Lawyer and elective station

Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany // remote


Berlin, Germany // remote

Full stack developer

Berlin, Germany // remote

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